Tseela is a medium sized island inhabited by two major tribes. Primarily tropical, it enjoys temperate weather, lush vegatation and a peaceful reputation.

Oonaii - Northern Tribe - People-of-the-North:

The Oonaii are led by their Chief (or Ada) Ne'igalomeatiga. Their history is one of a Warrior people, only within a few generations ago melded into that of explorers and adventurers. Proud, fierce, they tend to be quick to offense. While the peace of Tseela is no longer threatened by them, the peace of other islands do not have such assurances.

Keluar - Southern Tribe - People-of-the-South:

The Keluar are led by their Chief (or Ada) Ahomana. This is the tribe that Imre-Ulani is from. While the war with the Oonaii still lives in stories, the days of the Keluar going to battle are long over. Hunters keep the People safe, but no thoughts of conquest rise among the rather contented group. That should not imply an insular society though. Ahomana may be the most well informed man within several hundred miles of islands.

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