Takaroa is one of the larger islands in the chain that many think of when they think of Sukho. While it began its life as nothing more important than as a home to rich jungle life and a dormant volcano, it has since become something far more. It has become the home to Makamim's Landing.

Makamim's Landing is one of the closest things to a central trade port that Sukho has1. Founded by a wealthy explorer named Makamim, Makamim's Landing has grown up over the past few centuries. It was created to give the various non-Sukhoti traders a place where they might meet with their island counterparts without having to seek out each individual island in the near-infinite chain of them. Since then it has become large enough to support several inns, a large open-air market, and several "streets" of warehouses used by various trade factors. It helps that Makamim's Landing is near the Shadowpath.

1. The chain of islands that makes up Sukho in many ways prohibits an actual central anything. This could be one reason why Sukho has no central government for instance. Because of this, Makamim's landing is not THE central trade authority for Sukho, just one of many trade ports scattered throughout the shadow.

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