OOC Info Warning

The following information is provided OOCly for continuity. This only defines three nodes, out of five, for the Amber-Sukho Shadowpath. While the actions of the nodes would be well known, the history behind them is not, and so the story created for the path is not presented. If you feel you should know this, contact Eric in game.

The First Node

This is the first node of the shadowpath one encounters while traveling from Amber to Sukho.

Travelers wishing to pass from this node to the next must send one member of their crew onto the island (the rest staying behind) to climb to the caldera. There an act of fire swallowing is performed in memory of the flames swallowed by Oberon's darkness. The sacred flames are kept going by the Monks of the Drowning, supposedly the descendants of the Hunters who gave up then and there and remained behind, forced forever to relive the shame of their ancestors.

Much of the why of this node is lost. The Monks of the Drowning remember only twisted bits of the story, indicating that their ancestors were left behind on this island while running from something.

The Second Node

Some creature, plant, or tree native to the island must be used to create a horn, combined with some fragment of the original that can be found on the island, and a single mournful, loud note must be sounded at the heart of the island to continue.

The Third Node

Oberon's Temper is a storm that crashes against the island frequently, and when it does it knocks over the Cairn. The body is gone, but the stone cairn is meant to be a monument forever, and so with each storm that passes, the rocks are scattered and the cairn mus tbe rebuilt. This is what travlers must do to pass on - build the cairn back up with the stones left on the shore.

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