Rift in Sukho

This is a page for following the history and the play possibilities of the Silver Rift in Sukho.

The following is OOC information only, but may be used by anyone as the basis of scened, IC discoveries.

The Rift has touched down in Sukho, and is infecting the island of Olhauna. Inhabitants of nearby islands are either fleeing or looking for other lands in which to settle.

The model we will be using is of a central, strong island taken over by the Rift and the Chaos that comes with it. Islands around are either in panic, or are trying to take advantage of the situation. There is room for all sorts of play, and if you want to create your own minor island and play with it, we encourage you to do so. Anyone can lead something here.



Island corrupted in part by Chaos, starting with the priesthood.


Island with a cargo cult growing up, trying to attract the Rift.

Other ideas

  • Fleeing islanders need help to get away from the enemy.
  • Mexican Cannibals have taken over our village.
  • War party on the high seas.
  • War party on the reef, attacking at low tide from another island - can you hold out?
  • Innocents need a new place to live.
  • Scouting parties discover a new threat.
  • An ambush in the forest could wipe out a small unit - will it be yours?
  • The natural world can be dangerous. Who knew you got island predators this big outside Cibola?


Benedict will be running some scenes during evenings when he is available. Kestrel will also be running naval or sea-based scenes. In addition, we are in favour of anyone who wants to pick up and run something doing so, right up to defining their own island or island chain to be in trouble. Just keep us informed of what blew up when we were not online.


Currently, the group is back on Aharo, which has subsided once more. Mordred has been spotted in camp, badly hurt, but seems to have gone.

The Rift has been shown to touch down in the water just beyond Olhauna, meaning that any attack on it will have to be naval. Nevertheless, it seems firmly anchored.

The island on which Amber's forces first landed is assumed to be clear, as are several other, smaller ones, but there is room for fighting there if it is wanted. Not everyone was on Aharo when it blew.




Thanks to Maereina, who has volunteered an area near her homeland for trashing, Corwin for the use of his Silvery Road through the Sky concept, and Kestrel for being Navally Available to run and help with OOC planning. Thanks also to whoever ran the volcano thing.

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