Rian's Mini-Gryphons

About a decade ago (around 2005), Rian discovered a species of miniature gryphons on a remote Sukhoti island. They are one of many such species that can be found throughout Shadow that resemble full sized griffons combining a bird and a mammal in one creature; these specifically are cat-sized with lion-like hind quarters and the head, wings and forelegs of an eagle.

Rian’s mini-gryphons are omnivorous predators that can fly and are highly intelligent animals with the reasoning capability of a highly intelligent dog with the ability to manipulate their environment equal to a raccoon due to their dexterous fore claws. They are social creatures that form pair bonds as well as having extended interconnected family groups Rian refers to as clans.


  • Like eagles, mini-gryphons have color vision.


Young mini-gryphons are collectively called gryphlets or kits. For the first few days after they hatch they can also be called hatchlings and when they fledge they are obviously called fledglings.

Extended family groups of mini-gryphons are called clans (as mentioned above) and on those occasions when multiple clans work together that larger group is called a coalition.


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