More than a Paradise

Sukho is the collective name for a vast archipelago, the full extent of which is unknown. There are precious few things which truthfully be said of all the thousand islands of Sukho. Some are very nearly paradise - long white beaches abundant with fruit and fish. Some are hell on earth, volcano scourged wastelands populated only by those things tough enough and poisonous enough to survive. So diverse are the islands that some have even theorized that they encompass more than one shadow, connected by some sort of natural shadowpath. This kind of theory is hard to prove or disprove, as even something as simple as an accurate accounting of the islands of Sukho has so far proven impossible.

Some theorize that the archipelago covers the entirety of the world, with the part close to Amber representing little more than the tip of the iceberg. Some of these same scholars also suggest that it was not always so - ruins and hints of ancient civilization throughout Sukho point to the possibility that the current geography is the result of a dramatic, world-changing upheaval at some point in the past.

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